What is The People's Throne?

The People's Throne is an 8 foot tall throne made with a custom wood frame and custom ceramic tiles and mosaic effects.

This project encourages the community to embrace their unique
identity and actualize their power for creating positive change.

The People's Throne is an opportunity for anybody to recognize the liberated, joyful and empowered individual that exists within us all.

Take a seat, feel the power!


Where is it?

The People's Throne will be located on the shores of Pritchard Beach from July 8th to August 19th.

Who made it?

The People's Throne is a collaboration between creators Ari G, Rome E, and Tommy T.


Infinite gratitude to The Seward Park Clay Studio for their gracious generosity and support during this project, and always. Much love.

Thank you to everyone at Seattle Parks & Recreation and the Office of Arts and Culture that helped us actualize this project.

Peace to everyone in the South End and beyond who is feeling the effects of rapid economic development with no respect to existing communities aka gentrification. Let us remember that it is the People who hold the true power. Let's get it.